Aruba is basically an island nation in the Caribbean sea off the coast of Venezuela in the north-western part of North America, about 29 kilometers north of the Venezuelan coastal peninsula of Paraguanne and 80 kilometers west of Curacao. It is a Dutch protection area and it is famous for its diving and snorkeling. There are plenty of exotic fishes in Aruba and also lots of tropical marine life. The North American continent is very near the equator and the rainy season in Aruba starts in June and ends in February.

Trip to Aruba

There are many wonderful places that you can visit while on your Trip to Aruba. You have plenty of islands to choose from including the beautiful beaches of Barbados, Antigua, Playa del Carmen, and Grand Cayman. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then you can spend your trip to the Caribbean islands visiting the volcano, military fortress, and underwater park.

In order to get the best out of your Trip to Aruba, you need to understand that it is not a place where you can just stop and relax. Instead, you have to be prepared for a lot of activity and activities. Most tourists tend to overindulge in restaurants and bars. But this is not what Aruba is all about. You should instead try to visit the rainforest, hike in the mountains, and enjoy the beaches during the day and then head back to the hotel to have a relaxing night. The best time to go to Aruba is between May and September or from October to March.

When you are planning a trip to Aruba, you should keep in mind that the best time to visit the Caribbean is during the fall when the majority of tourists come here for vacation. This is also the season where you can expect to find the lowest fares. The lowest fares can be as low as 75 cents per day, which is an incredible price considering that you can visit Aruba and stay for a week! The Caribbean islands are teeming with Aruba vacation packages, so if you plan to visit the island, make sure that you take advantage of this introductory offer.

When you are planning a trip to Aruba, you should consider including a sunset cruise in your itinerary. A sunset cruise is the perfect way to end your days in paradise. Most of these cruises are conducted on weekdays from October to March. So, during this time of year, you can expect to find discounted rates on cruises to Aruba.

In case you decide that you would rather spend your trip traveling around the island, there are several different ways by which you can do that. You can either drive down to Aruba from Miami or take a shuttle bus into the island. If you have never been to Aruba before, it would be wise to get a guided trip to Aruba from an experienced tour guide to ensure that you get the most out of your Aruba vacation.