Have you ever planned a safari before? If not, Butere hotels can prove out to be the best place for your safari. There are several reasons for this. The long driving distance in Nairobi towards Addis and Butere is a major factor in the high cost of the safari because of the huge amount of fuel being used. If you want to study the details of this distance for that special trip, then you can do that by visiting the shortest distance from Nairobi city to Addis Ababa town.

When you arrive in Nairobi, your first task will be to pick a good car rental company. If your plan is to visit Nairobi by road, then you have to rent a vehicle which is more than one hundred kilometers away from Nairobi city. As you know, it takes almost seven hours by road to get from Nairobi city to Mombasa city. If you opt to rent a vehicle from Mombasa city to Nairobi, then you will be required to drive in the direction of Mombasa city.

In this case, your journey will take nearly six hours by road. So, you can definitely appreciate the time you have to spend on the road while visiting Kenya’s capital city. It is also important to know the fact that Butere is very close to many tourist spots in Kenya. This means you will be able to visit the famous Ngorongoro crater by driving in the direction of Mombasa city. You can definitely appreciate the scenic beauty of Butere by travel time from Nairobi to Kenya.

You may also visit some interesting places in Butere but the most important things you should remember are the Butere National Park and Theresa Museum. The Butere region was built by the Kikuyu tribesmen around thirteen thousand years ago. This is the oldest area found in Kenya. According to the biblical history, Jesus Christ traveled to Tanzania with some of his disciples to preach the gospel to the natives. The following is the story of their last trip to Butere.

They arrived at Butere in the month of February. When they went for lunch, they were greeted by the tribe’s warriors who welcomed them with big ceremonies. When they returned back to town, there was much activity going on especially in the form of the healing of the sick and the dead. As a result, they decided to hold a celebration where the king and queen were given a feast. During this celebration, the king gave an edict that all the people in Butere were to be blessed by Jesus Christ and were to take an oath to follow his teachings.

These people were scattered all over Kenya and they numbered about fifteen hundred souls. It was at this place that the two monks from Twaechau chose to settle down. As you may guess from the name, their first task was to build a church in Butere which was known as the Theresa Theotokorai. The name means “The Queen’s Court” in Swahili. Because the queen was the head of the tribe, she was also the head of the church and all the people living in it were required to swear allegiance to her.