Trip to Havana

Why Not Take a Trip to Havana, Cuba

When it comes to travel to Cuba one of the most popular destinations is Havana. This Cuban town is located on the eastern coast of the Caribbean island and has a long history as a favorite port. Many tourists visit Cuba each year and many return year after year. The Cubans are warm and friendly people and once you have been to this exotic destination you will understand why it is such a high choice for a holiday destination.

One of the primary reasons to travel to Cuba is the incredible beaches that are found in Cuba. There are over 100 miles of beautiful white sand along many of the beaches. The weather in Cuba is always tropical warm so the tourists are able to enjoy many different activities while they are on vacation in Cuba. They can rent villas in Cuba or visit their community clubs where they can socialize with fellow tourists. Most of the Cuban people who live on the beach tend to be very friendly and helpful to tourists that visit the area.

Another reason to travel to Cuba is to take part in one of the many annual vacations that are put together by the tourism office. These are all inclusive tours that are normally held throughout the month of December. The main focus of these vacations is to celebrate the birth of Fidel Castro. The celebrations are truly huge and involve millions of people from all over the world.

There are other activities that can be enjoyed by the tourist in Cuba. It is possible for the tourist to drive their own automobile around Cuba and experience the beautiful rural life that exists in Cuba. Travel to Havana and take a trip to the Sugarmill and see the sugarcane fields. It is extremely worthwhile seeing the sugar cane fields because in Cuba Sugar is the only legal crop that can be produced.

A popular attraction that is enjoyed by the tourist in Cuba is the visit to the Parque de la Habana. This is Cuba’s largest park and it is definitely worth making the trip to Cuba just to see this park. Cuba is also famous for the Vintage Car Tour or Vintage Car Vagina as it is known in English. The term Vagina comes from the Spanish word for vagina and the tour travels all through the island of Cuba and visits some of the major towns and cities that have been associated with the life of Cuba’s revolutionary heroes. There are more than sixty vintage vehicles available for hire at this tour.

One last reason to make the trip to Cuba would be to take part in the Historic Havana Airport Taxi Tour. This is an exciting journey through Cuba’s history and the first section takes you on a trip to the Miraflores Air Terminal. Here you will get to meet and greet Cuba’s aircraft and cruise ship personnel. The tour concludes at the historic Havana Airport Hotel.